5 STARS ***** Sheree Thomason 

Jesse has been teaching my primary aged children guitar and voice through private lessons for over two years and around a year through Lila School of Bands, where they were able to join others of similar age to learn more about music from a shared perspective. What an awesome opportunity to be taught by such a talented musician, who really knows his craft. Jesse is a fabulous role model for the children, patient, encouraging and approachable. He values their input and puts them at ease. He also provides opportunities for the bands to have experiences outside of the music studio. If you're looking for a place where your child (or teen) can learn more about music and playing with others in a band, look no further!

5 STARS ***** Deidre Le Fevre

Jesse is a wonderful person and teacher. He's been teaching my son in both individual and band lessons for a couple of years now. I appreciate how supportive he is of young musicians. Jesse is a very talented musician and dedicated teacher and he inspires young people to learn, to play their best, and to enjoy making music together.

5 STARS ***** Rachel Owens

Jesse's talent, skills, commitment and tenacity are amazing. He is absolutely awesome with kids of all ages and has created a great culture at Lila School of Bands. He puts in more effort than we could have anticipated. He really is an outstanding instructor and leader. If you are in Auckland and you have a child or teen that is thinking of joining a band, Jesse's school should be your first stop.

5 STARS *****Judy Chan 

Jesse is a gifted musician but also highly skilled at teaching. He is such an encouraging and upbeat teacher makes the lessons fun and challenging, making my son WANTS to play more. We highly recommend Lila School of Bands!!

5 STARS *****Wendy Beasley 

Highly, highly recommend this Band School and its teachers! Our 15 year old son (who is an advanced electric guitarist) has been in the Band programme for nearly a year now, playing in 2 bands, and also having private lessons from Jesse Sheehan. From Day 1 he has been both motivated and inspired by Jesse, who is a multi-talented musician with an encouraging and engaging teaching/mentoring style. The Band sessions are enjoyable and stimulating, and provide great coaching in songwriting, ensemble playing and competition preparation. The School also provides many opportunities to record and perform. So glad we found this!

5 STARS *****Violet Van Muller

Jesse is simply great when working with children and a great musician. My seven year old son has starting playing drums in a band and with Jesse’s encouragement and guidance, his confidence has grown exponentially.

5 STARS *****Michelle Sumers

Lila School of Bands is an exceptional place to go to be moved and motivated in to being someone great! The amount of time and energy Jesse puts in to each and every student goes beyond the extra mile. His passion for music is limitless and his motivation for the kids is outstanding. We would highly recommend Lila Scool of Bands to anyone interested in music or wanting to be part of this program. They are simply the best!
Thank you jesse it's always a pleasure being part of your team. The Somers Family💖

5 STARS ***** Rachel Johnston 

My daughter has recently picked up the bass guitar after years of cello and piano lessons, the encouragement and help she gets from being in Jesse’s band programme is amazing and really makes her want to play well. She enjoys the sessions so much she practises much more than she ever has before and this all helps her NCEA Music and her school music groups too.

5 STARS ***** Claire Dixon 

My daughter started with Lila School of Bands when she was 10! Jesse is so encouraging and motivating as it’s hard for some kids to perform but my daughter sang on stage at the Christmas gig where all the kids were inspired by other members of the academy.